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Achnoteeth Liquid

Product Code - EF-102

Category - Ever Fit Product

Price - ₨ 120.00/-

Stock - In Stock


Achnoteeth is a liquid to gargle that has capability to cure any type of tooth ache and to strengthen your teeth like a rock.

The first unique and most effective ayurvedic medicine for dental health. This is orally externally usable (Gargle) solution for teeth problems like Sensitivity, Pain due to cavity or other reason, Weak teeth & Gum problem. This highly effective solution is made substances like Vaividang which has been declared best ingredient for dental health by All India Ayurvedic research institue.

This unique medicine can prevent you from root canal and other highly expensive dental treatments. This medicine can be used by all age groups. Children can use this medicine to avoid dental sittings in early satge of life. EverFit brings this uniqe ayurvedic medicine to you at a effective cost in 200 ml and 100 ml variants. Many of the dentists have recommended this to the patients due to It's magical eefects. It has been proven the best externally usable ayurvedic medicine for dental health so far.