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Product Name Indication Comments
Calci-Water (Child) Removes Calcium Deficiency, Boosts Immunity, Improves Digestive System For kids upto 10 years
Calci-Water (Adult) Improves Calcium Assimilation
& Resistance
For adults and pregnant women. 100% natural substance
Achnoteeth Sensitivity, Cavity Pain, Teeth Weakness, Gums Problem For all age group
Anticoff Syrup Cough, Collins, Cold  
B.P.-EF Maintains high blood pressure  
Piles EF For Piles  
Menstru-EF Pills (Vati) For Women Problems: Irregular Menstrual cycle, Lower Abdomen pain, Back pain  
Aciditox Capsule Acidity, Indigestion, Constipation  
AntiCoff Capsule Collins, Cough, Cold  
Abdocheck Capsule For Chronic Stomach pain due to digestive issues, Chronic Acidity, Stomach disorder  
Permafive Capsules For Leucorrhea  
Arthodeen Pills (Vati) All types of joint pain, Arthritis pain, Muscle pain  
 X-Fit Capsules
X-Fit Plus Capsules
To increase stemina and sexual power.  
Thyronail Capsules For thyroid and tonsils  
Rakth safi Syrup For blood purification  
Fever-EF Syrup For all types of fever  
Mentha-EF Pills For indigestion  
bellygas Pills To relieve gas  
Diabecheck Pills To cure diabetes  
Gastro-EF Pills For chronic gastric problem  
Jaundi-EF Capsule For Jaundis  
Breathewell Capsule For Asthama and breating problem  
Nosia Liquid Drop For Nosias  
Hearodim Drop To imrpoving hearing and cure infection  
Gasofit Pills To cure gastric problem  
Gaso-EF Syrup Syrup to cure gastric problem  
Power-EF Syrup For women vitality  
Livopower Syrup For Liver disfunction  
Enzymo-EF Syrup For Indigestion, Flatulence & Lack of Apetite  
Brainto-EF Syrup To increase brain memory power  
Stonofast Syrup For stone problem  
Piles-EF Capsule For Piles  
Diabetic-EF Capsule For Diabetics  
Urifact Capsule For any uritractory problem